Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hospital Goes Green

Do you know about a project in which hospitals in Wales try to reduce emissions by 20% by 2050? Why do they tackle this project right now? Because according to Brindley (2007), “a report today reveals that Welsh hospitals use the same amount of energy every year as it takes to power 32,000 homes. And 5% of all the UK’s emissions from road transport are caused by NHS-related journeys, while one in every 100 tonnes of domestic waste comes from the health service” (Brindley, 2007, para. 1) . They spend much energy for a one-year, so, they have tackled to this grappling recent years. Also, is this project leads to a good result for a sustainable society and environmental problems in the earth? Here is the other effort for global warming. Meat-free menus are to be promoted in hospitals as part of a strategy to cut global warming emissions across the National Health Service (2009, Schofield, para. 1). They try to improve about global warming using various ways. It is good trend, but say in other words, nowadays, global warming has become a common serious problem all over the world. In fact, “After a slow start, the seasonal ice retreat has now reached 2 million square miles, and could break the record before the Arctic begins winter cooling in mid-September. Already, some areas bordering North America and Siberia have less ice than at the same time last year. In other areas, ice is thinning (2005, Pink, para. 2). Do you know this fact? We should think through about global warming and solutions such as this. Climate change has more become crisis of the earth than we are thinking. In my opinion, this effort would have some advantages. For instance, if this project would be led to success, it might be able to influence global environments well; also, many people might be interested in environmental problems. There is the other point of view, that hospitals are symbols of health. That is why a sensible approach to the problems in hospitals such as making hospitals green would win reputation. Moreover, if each of us thinks about environments through this project and takes actions, it might be able to turn out well.

            I suggest that this project should be kept continually, because of some advantages reasons that I mentioned. Moreover, they clearly set a goal in the future. I think it is important for projects. According to the article (2009), “The NHS has set an ambitious goal to cut its carbon dioxide emissions by 10% by 2015. However, the department of health had not disclosed how it will ensure the target is achieved” (Doubts over NHS strategy to cut carbon. 2009, para. 1). On the other hand, I strongly agree with these kinds of efforts in the world, even only one project has not strong power. Taking actions is much better than regret not having done it. Then, I’m going to talk about my opinions about this article.

             First, it is important to take whatever actions we can. This project shows it exactly. It might not significantly influence a change in the world. However, we can know causes that affect the earth badly through this grappling. For example, “The National Health Center (NHS) says meeting the targets is a ‘huge challenge.’ Despite efficiency improvements, its absolute CO2 emissions have risen by 40% since 1990 and are forecast to reach 22.8Mt CO2 by 2020- a 55% increase since 1990-if nothing is done” (Hospital plan to save 20,000 carbon tones. 2009, para. 4). If I didn’t read this article, I might not consider about environmental problems. Or we can say, if they didn’t tackle this project, I never know this fact, and never think about emissions, air pollution and so on. So, then we can have good opportunity to consider environmental problems right now. In addition, about 60% of the people in Wales and public agree with this project. It is revealed by survey report of publication. (2007, Brindley, para. 6). Recently, these kinds of projects are being tackled and widespread all over the world. I can often watch them through the Internet and television documentaries. I hope these efforts would pay off some day; also, we have to do for the earth. I believe these effects will improve the situation.

            Second, hospitals are known symbols of health. I think that health connects to environments closely, because when we think about our health; also, we consider the environment surrounding us. For instance, if we decide on our new house, nobody chooses to be near factories, industry and so on. So, making hospitals green as symbols of health has an important meaning, I think. If this project would succeed hospitals in Wales would win reputation. Therefore, hospitals in Wales are established not only as symbols of health but also as symbols of environment. Then, both health and environment will be close at no distance date; also, people will have more interest in not only their health but also environment. It could be expected t have multiplier effects. I hope that this effect would be widespread all over the world, then, all people in the world would tackle to save energy, waste, resources from the earth capacities some day. Jowit (2009) mentions as well, “the report will argue that reducing carbon emissions will cut bills for equipment, medicines, energy, water and waste services, and improve health- in the short term for example by encouraging people to walk, in the long-term by helping to reduce the impacts of climate change” (2009, Jowit, para. 16).

            Third, if we consider our environmental problems, it will be a big power to change the world toward well. Here is an example. Even if a person who carries an eco bag to buy food to the market keeps doing it every day, it might not have big meaning. However, if each of us keeps doing the same thing, it might lead to a big result. I think. A unique sensible approach to the environmental problems must change the earth for the better. Also, when this grappling spreads all over the world, the earth really can arrive from the crisis. When I was in Japan, I used to divide trashes, but when I came here, I never care about that, because in U.S. doesn’t strict about dividing wastes. That is why I’m getting forgot to divide wastes. However, after reading this article; also, I have tackled this paper, I try to divide wastes even here. It is good effect for the environmental problems. I hope that everybody else would consider about environment of our planet through this research paper project.

            However, these projects cost too much money, and it takes long time to see effect toward well. If national hospitals tackled these projects, it could be covered by our taxation. But if private hospitals did the same thing, it would have to be covered by the treasury themselves. Do you think it is possible or impossible? Or, do private hospitals tackled kind of this project seriously? I think it is difficult to tackle for private hospitals. In fact, there are many private hospitals more than national hospitals all over the world. Moreover, by this grappling, medical bills might be raised, especially, in private hospitals. Therefore, patients will try to not to check with a doctor, and health problems will become serious problems as environmental problems are. It will be a negative synergism. Next, this project has been tried in U.K. now. What I want to say is that this kind of project is still not known the people in the world. In addition, this project has been tackled by main hospitals in U.K. I have an another point of view, not only hospitals but also factories and industries create more than thousands emissions for every year. If these associations didn’t tackle about these environmental problems, we couldn’t expect the good results. However, It is complicated because we have to think about economy growth and environmental problems. That is why these field’s companies avoid these projects.  Not only global warming problems but also poverty problems, war, terrorism, religion problems, and internal trouble are big problems for human being. We have to solve these problems as well.

            In conclusion, this project has surely advantages and disadvantages. Cost problem is a big block to tackle to this problem. Moreover, there are a lot of problems all over the world as well. In fact, we can’t just focus on global warming problems. It may take a lot of time to lead to success these kinds of projects. However, everybody else knows that environmental problems have become more serious problems than a long time ago. Also, we know surely what is a priority problem in the world. However, nobody else takes actions until now, because they pursued their profits. Also, they hadn’t care about the earth, because they didn’t have enough knowledge about environmental problems. But technical innovation has been growing recent years, and they give a lot of knowledge’s about environments. If nobody takes actions to improve our environmental problems as before, the earth will go to ruin. Also, nobody knows whether this project will be good or bad. I think that now is time to action involving all over the world. Brindley (2007) concludes that “the trial is being rolled out across the trust’s eight other hospitals and, if it is successful, it could reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill by thousands of tones every year” (2007, Brindley, para. 18). However, we have to try for our planet whatever we can do for the earth, because it is our task and responsibility that we live in the earth.  


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